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One Shirt, 5 Ways

There's nothing I love more, than spending money on one item and really stretching how I use it with so many outfits. It's so fun to take a plain shirt and styling it casually or even dressing it up for work wear. I wanted to challenge myself and use a plaid button down that I have had for a while now, and I created a few different outfits! I've linked all items I could find, some of these pieces are over a few years old! I wanted to show how to use items you might already have in your closet to create these looks!

The first outfit I created was a casual look. I paired the plaid shirt with a white tank. I tucked in the tank to make it have a crop top feel, but you could leave as is if you are not comfortable with showing some midriff. I added some white sweatpants that are a bit oversize, and loved the loungewear style it gave me! I definitely felt like this was an outfit I would see on Pinterest! For accessories, I just threw on a a cute cap and sneakers.

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For the second outfit, I wanted to stay with the casual look. I used that same white tank and this time tucked it into my jeans. Now, these jeans are my ultimate favorite jeans right now! I got them at Target a few moons ago, so they are no longer available. But, honestly, any pair of cute boyfriend/mom jeans will work! Rather than wearing the plaid shirt normally, I tied it around my waist to give a bit of a grungy look. I paired this outfit with some cute platform booties from Madden Girl.

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Now I started to transition my outfits from casual to going out and work wear. I wanted to try and make this plaid button down, look like something other than a plaid button down. So, I folded in the collar of the shirt, and instead of buttoning down the front I wrapped the two sides and tucked into my shirt. It gave it this cute wrap shirt look! I show how to do the wrap process in my YouTube video. Take any black pants you have and instant work wear outfit! I accessories with a cute heeled sandal I got a local boutique a few years ago!

This fourth outfit is similar to the last one, except I actually buttoned down the plaid shirt like it is "supposed" to be! But, I didn't want this outfit to seem boring, so I added a cardigan and some booties to the mix! Just like that, an effortless outfit, that looks like I spent some time to put together!

Finally, the last outfit! I wanted this look to be a style that you would go out on a date, or night out on the town with your girls! I took the plaid shirt, and buttoned at only one button. then I took the bottom and double tied it into a little bow. I made it pretty cropped, but of course you don't have to pull it up as far! Then to give that edgy look, I paired with my leather joggers! Any faux leather bottoms would look great with this or even just a nice pair of black pants. I added my heeled sandals to the mix and I am ready for some drinks!

Those are all the outfits I created with just one plaid shirt! So many ways to diversify a simple button down for all types of styles! If you want a more detailed look at each of these outfits, watch my latest YouTube video!


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